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Trim trees

Trees, shrubs and hedges can make a property look grand. They soften the entrance of your home or business while also defining outdoor spaces that provide shelter for birds and other animals to thrive in too! With help from our team at RMG Lawn Care, these beautiful plants will give your garden its own personality making everything look fantastic!

When it comes to hedging and pruning shrubs, our team has it down to both a science and an art. At RMG Lawn Care we will make sure this part of gardening does not get overgrown again, with timely tree maintenance and pruning.

Trees and shrubs add beauty and shade to your yard but without regular care and maintenance, they can quickly overgrow. More than an eyesore, out of control trees pose a serious health risk to you and your family. Do not bust out the ladder and risk your own safety, call the tree pruning experts from RMG Lawn Care.

You let us know how you want your trees to look, and we’ll make it happen. Our expertly pruned trees are the neat and tidy addition to your beautiful yard. Even better, we bring our own tree pruning equipment, so you do not have to spend a cent on expensive and complicated tools. 

    Another Great Services

    Lawn Mowing

    A professional lawn cut provides the best possible finish for your lawn including edging

    Ride-On Mowing

    We can look after and maintain large properties, parks and acreages with our ride-on lawn mowing services.

    Green waste Rubbish removal

    We will do away with your garden rubbish quickly so you can enjoy a perfect garden view.